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    The market potential of the motorcycle sprocket industry is inestimable, creating excellent opportunities China has stepped into the ranks of major sprocket producers in the world, but from the perspective of overall strength and development level, China’s per capita annual output of motorc...
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  • Analysis of Carburized Layer Flow Process During Processing of Motorcycle Sprocket

    (1) Carburized motorcycle sprockets require a carburized layer on the tooth surface. When the “carburized-warm extrusion” process is used, the distribution of the carburized layer is closely related to the deformation method of gear forming. For the tangential split extrusion process,...
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  • Heat treatment stress and classification of motorcycle sprocket

    Heat treatment stress can be divided into thermal stress and tissue stress. The heat treatment distortion of the workpiece is the result of the combined effect of thermal stress and tissue stress. The state of heat treatment stress in the workpiece and the effect it causes are different. The inte...
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