Motorcycle Industrial Sprocket Zinc, Electrophoresis, Oiled High Quality and Low Quality, Popular, 420, 428, 520, Sprocket and Chain Kit

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1. Mainly for Brazil market
2. OEM available
3. Hardness and abrasion resistance
4. Q235 steel or C45 steelMotorcycle Sprocket Features:

Material: Q235 steel or C45 steel or 20CrMnTi
Delivery: Within 25 days, subject to your order quantity
Main Market: India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, U. S. A., Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, Sri Lanka, West African, South African, Austrialia, and so on
Heat Treatment: High frequency quenching or case hardening

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If you are interested in our product, pleayse kindly send us your detail enquiry by e-mail or fax.

For Honda C50, MB50,C70,CD70,DAX70,MB80,C90,CD90,S90,H100,C100,C100-BIZ,CB100,CD100,MB100,XL100,S110,CB125,CD125,CG125,TITAN-99,TITAN-2000,TITAN-150,NX125,XL125,XLR125,GL145,CBX150,NXR150 BROS,CBX200,NX200,TRX200,XL200R,CB250,XL250,CBR250,NX250,CBX250,VT250,XL250,NX250,TRX350,CB400,CBR400,NX350SHAHAR,XLX250/350,NX200,XR250,XR200,CB250N,CD100,DAX70,NX400,XR200,XR250,XR200R,GS125
For Suzuki  A50,GT50,RV50,A80,FR80,DS80,FR80N,RV90,A100,AX100,FB100,FR100,TS100,GP100,ER100,TS100Z,AX115,FD115,CN125,ER125,GN125,GP125,GS125,TR125,AX115,FR100,C70,C90,TS185ER,G7T
For YAMAHA  DT50,GT50,RD50,RX50,YB50,RD75,FS80,GT80,LB80,RX80,V80,YB80,AG100,DT100,DX100,RS100,RX100,YB100,DT125,DT125T,DT125K,DT125R,RD125,RZD125,RS125,SR125,TW125,TZR125,YB125,XT125,YBR125,RD135,RX135,RXZ135,DT150,SR150,DT175,DT180,MX180,RX180,XV250,DT250,SR250,XT250,DT175K

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